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Mobilizing for Good


For too long the industry’s countless charitable efforts and community leadership have been disjointed and disparate. Now, it is time we pool our resources to do more, while also highlighting those efforts to the world. The Trucking Cares Foundation, established in 2018, can fill this void and provide coordination to focus our industry’s works for those in need, while demonstrating broadly the essentiality and giving spirit of our great industry – this is where your support can make a difference.

The Trucking Cares Foundations focuses its efforts in the following areas:



Workforce/Leadership Development

Humanitarian/Disaster Relief

Eradicating Human Trafficking

Law Enforcement, Military & Veterans Support/Career

Join Our Campaign

Since its inception, the Trucking Industry has rallied its resources to volunteer and donate when communities are in crisis and advanced highway safety and security.  The Trucking Cares Foundation seeks to mobilize that caring, generous spirit in support of the communities we serve and tell trucking’s story of giving.

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